Our Favorite Road Trip Lists

SUV packed with vacation supplies in an organized fashion
A well-packed SUV, ready for summer fun

We log a lot of miles when it comes to rubber hitting the road, and there’s nothing more adventurous or exciting as a cross-state-border road trip.

We recognize that every destination is different, requiring unique packing needs. And every traveler is different too, creating the need for a personalized list approach.

Being the organized company that we are, we love simple, easy-to-use packing guides. These are some of our favorites, and we’ll be adding more as time, and the road, goes on:

‘Her Packing List’ Road Trip in New England

Being from Maine, we are a bit partial to a New England Road Trip. You just can’t beat the scenic beauty of the combination of mountains, lakes, rivers and coastline within the region. This is a terrific list for women taking a 3-5 day trip.

Apartment Therapy Packing Checklist

Apartment Therapy has a simple guide that’s no-nonsense. We understand that each trip is different – this covers the basics without getting overly detailed.

Packing the trunk for holiday travels
Has holiday road trip packing gone to the dogs?

Interactive Packing List

Independent Traveler will create a personal packing list just for you. Simply check the boxes next to the items on the interactive list. There are lots of categories to select from – Gadgets, Clothing, Documents, Car Travel, Airplane Travel – with extra fields to fill in with your own unique items. When done, simply click on the ‘Get My List’ button and voila! Your list is created and ready to print, e-mail or save to a trip file.

And here are some tips we found from our friends in the UK to make holiday traveling easier and more efficient after your trip list is complete – we found they’re good for summer travel too.

7 Car Packing Tips