6 High Road Products That Maximize Space in My Subcompact Car

subcompact products-01.png

By Megan N., Honda Fit owner and High Road Organizers fan

I love my subcompact car—it’s efficient, easy to maneuver, budget friendly, and requires little maintenance. It’s the perfect size for a simple lifestyle, fitting most everything I need, but sometimes space runs a bit short, and the luxuries that owners of large cars can indulge in are minimized. These products from High Road Organizers keep my little car feeling clean, spacious, stylish, organized and comfortable year round.

High Road DriverCup™ Cupholder Organizer and Phone Charging Station
This cupholder pocket organizer keeps my phone and glasses protected and easy to reach. The cord port in the back allows me to charge my phone while driving, and the two side mesh pockets give me even more organization.

Before:  My charging chords were stuffed into the glove compartment, getting tangled and taking up valuable space. My sunglasses and phone were in my purse and I had to dig to find them.


High Road Compact SwingAway™ Car Seat Organizer
This organizer keeps items I use all the time protected and within reach while minimizing clutter in my car and taking up little room. Two side handles allow me to swing the organizer around to the back seat to let passengers in. Its seven storage pockets fit everything from tablets to sunglasses, notebooks, snacks and phones.

Before:  My iPad, sunglasses, gum, pens, and notebooks were stuffed away in my bag in the back seat, out of reach. Sometimes this bag would tip while driving, spilling my devices out on the car floor and making a sizable mess.


High Road Car Document Organizer and Glove Compartment Case
This document organizer has a total of six pockets, including three deep ones for auto and tire manuals, repair receipts, and registration and insurance information. A center pocket holds a pen or tire gauge, and a window card pocket keeps car insurance and roadside service information clearly visible. Another exterior pocket is perfect for storing coupons, lists, and cards.

Before:  My service receipts, registration, and car information were thrown loosely into my glove compartment, making it hard to sort through and find them. I lost some paperwork, and others got crushed and damaged over time. Since I also had no easy access to my car’s maintenance information, it was often overdue for oil changes and tire rotations.


High Road TrashStash® Leakproof Car Trash Bag
This leakproof, hanging auto litter bag has a drip and spill proof liner that is easily wipe cleaned. The spring opening closes to keep gallons of trash contained and out of sight. The bag is easy to remove, empty and re-hang, and sits high enough on the seat that it doesn’t reduce legroom in the back.

Before:  Trash was stuffed wherever it would fit in my car—cupholders, storage compartments, on the floor, in the back seat, you name it. I kept procrastinating when it came to removing all the junk, so my car became messy and sometimes smelled funny.


High Road Accordion Trunk and Cargo Organizer

This durable cargo organizer fits in almost every car with its narrow profile and high expandable side panels. Four compartments provide organized space for emergency car gear, tools, sports equipment and groceries. The organizer folds flat for storage, so when I’m not using it, it doesn’t take up any space in my hatch area, which is terrific when space is limited.

Before:  Grocery bags were put in the back seat or trunk of my car, where they sometimes tipped over while driving, making a huge mess. Winter supplies were thrown into the trunk, and windshield washer fluid bottles would tip.


High Road Contour CarHooks™
These car hooks added hanging storage to my car. They can hold up to twenty-five pounds each, and are perfect for purses and grocery bags.

Before:  Bags were thrown in the back seat or trunk of my car, where they were out of reach and often tipped over while driving, spilling their contents and making a huge mess.


I was surprised to find I had more space to put things into my car than I thought I did after putting just a few organizers into it. You don’t have to compromise storage in a smaller car with a few clever organizing tricks.

Megan is a graphic designer and student at College of the Atlantic. She and her beloved car Betty can be seen on the streets of Portland and Bar Harbor in Maine.

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